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The Circle has long been considered a symbol of life. It represents notions of totality, eternal wellness, perfection, and balance. This sacred symbol, simplistic in its nature, represents just that; the harmony between beginning and end. It is all a part of your formidable never ending journey. This leather and brass pendant can be worn short or long, alone or in combination. Carry your journey fashionably.

Material: Leather, Brass
Length: 550mm Adjustable
Clasp: Adjustable Sliding Knot

Spirit orbs have long captivated the attention of many through their various colours and arbitrary appearances. Wear your spirit colours loudly with these simple, casual and enticing beaded bracelets. Mix and match your personalities with multiple colours and bracelets. Which one are YOU?

Material: Natural Stone
Bead size: 8mm

Each piece is sold separately.

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Designed to embody sophistication, this leather bracelet speaks fashion. Integrating golden patterns, this bracelet can instantly turn any outfit into a luxurious blend of edge and class.

Material: Genuine leather
Length: 190 mm
Clasp: Magnetic Lock

Stylishly abstract. These vibrant beads are perfect for a sunny summer. Symbolizing beauty within chaos, these unique colors are sure to inject instant style and detail to your adventurous lifestyle.

Material: Natural Stone
Bead Size: 10mm
Length: 180mm adjustable rope
Clasp Type: Lace-up

$50.00 $39.00

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