A Taleofyou: Piknic Électronik

A Taleofyou: Piknic Électronik

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Being Montreal-based, we have had the privilege of living in a city that is culturally intelligent, diverse and filled with intricacies.  As such, many forms of art have consumed the minds of the curious, the expressive, and the innovative. Encouraging freedom of expression and creating an environment of “laisser-vivre” has become this city’s staple and has turned it into a world-class monumental lieu of exploring curiosities, testing boundaries, and satisfying all artistic tastes. One of our personal favorite summer events has become Piknic Electronik. To many, it is but a music festival. To us, it is an opportunity for upcoming artists to share their musical tastes and take us on a journey through their minds and through their souls. TaleofYou shares this philosophy by encouraging you to remain open to new concepts, ideas, and adventures. This week, we are featuring “The Treasure of Horus”. This unique design blends the concept of adventure with the symbolic Egyptian representation of Horus depicting Power, Health, and protection.


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