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Being the biggest and most prominent planet of our solar system, Jupiter depicts a spectacular and grandiose array of colors and patterns in perfect harmony alongside Callisto, its second largest moon. This two piece bracelet, perfectly paired to match all outfits, has a unique blend of dark and mysterious stones, which are sure to become a topic of conversation.

Material: Natural Stone
Bead Size: 6mm

$50.00 $39.00
These mystifying natural stones encompass a perplexing yet attractive allure. Versatile in nature, this bracelet can be used alone or in a simple combination with other of our products to deliver an original yet powerful sense of fashion and personality.

Material: Natural stone
Bead size: 4mm

Elegance, mystery, and adventure. These qualities imposingly stand alone. Combined, they are truly a sight to see. This three piece bracelet has hypnotizing colors and high-quality materials that are sure to display your multifaceted personalities.

Material: Natural Stone
Bead Size: 6mm

Spirit orbs have long captivated the attention of many through their various colours and arbitrary appearances. Wear your spirit colours loudly with these simple, casual and enticing beaded bracelets. Mix and match your personalities with multiple colours and bracelets. Which one are YOU?

Material: Natural Stone
Bead size: 8mm

Each piece is sold separately.

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Designed to embody sophistication, this leather bracelet speaks fashion. Integrating golden patterns, this bracelet can instantly turn any outfit into a luxurious blend of edge and class.

Material: Genuine leather
Length: 190 mm
Clasp: Magnetic Lock

The nail, simple in form, and common to mankind from all corners of the world, has long been used to build the vast worlds we live in today. To us, the nail represents strength. It binds complex structures and creates magnificent products of the human mind. To a mason, the nail represents freedom. It encourages progress and provides tangible solutions to everyday obstacles. This fashion piece symbolizes the strength of one. Wear it alone to speak just that, or use the mason’s imagination to fabricate a combination that loudly depicts your personality.

Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 600mm
Governor of Time, King of Titans, Father of the Mighty Zeus, Kronos symbolizes the divine, the elegant, the elite. These mystical wings portray power yet remain humble in their simplicity. This high-quality pendant is sure to augment your style and compliment your compelling personality.

Material: Titanium Steel
Length: 700 mm
Clasp: Hook

$60.00 $49.00
Named after a majestic sub-Saharan snake, this bracelet represents both elegance and power. Show your true scales with this beautifully weaved leather link.

Material: Genuine Leather
Length: 90 cm
Clasp: Magnet

Red is the color of power. Buddha, on the other hand, gracefully represents enlightenment and wisdom. This perfectly assembled Mala harmonizes two conceptual opposites into an attractive and very stylish accessory to your personality.

Material: Copper & Natural Stone
Length: 175mm adjustable rope
Clasp: Lace-up

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