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The Circle has long been considered a symbol of life. It represents notions of totality, eternal wellness, perfection, and balance. This sacred symbol, simplistic in its nature, represents just that; the harmony between beginning and end. It is all a part of your formidable never ending journey. This leather and brass pendant can be worn short or long, alone or in combination. Carry your journey fashionably.

Material: Leather, Brass
Length: 550mm Adjustable
Clasp: Adjustable Sliding Knot

What gives you stamina? What represents your drive? This pendant is a receptacle to your own story. Whether it's the white sand of a beach, the dirt beneath your feet, a four leaf clover or even a taste of fine wine, this vessel is meant to share a past memory or your current creativity. Use it to tell your story.

Material: Glass, Cork, Zinc Alloy
Length: 500-550mm
Clasp: Hook

Half way between this world and the divine, a one winged angel clashes with society yet blends in gracefully. This piece uses fashion to assimilate itself with your outfit and a body of charms to strike the eye. The one winged angel, a god amongst men.

Material: Leather, Alloy
Length: 550 mm Adjustable
Clasp: Adjustable Sliding Knot

$30.00 $19.00
Governor of Time, King of Titans, Father of the Mighty Zeus, Kronos symbolizes the divine, the elegant, the elite. These mystical wings portray power yet remain humble in their simplicity. This high-quality pendant is sure to augment your style and compliment your compelling personality.

Material: Titanium Steel
Length: 700 mm
Clasp: Hook

$60.00 $49.00
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