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How do you tell a story? Where do you begin? What part of the journey is most compelling? Most enigmatic? Most impossible? Our website was built with the idea that a memory is only as good as its story; it is only as good as its Tale.

Mankind has forever used symbols to carry on ideas, philosophies, and concepts. Whether it be religious symbols, flags, monuments, names, etc, the importance of a memory can be considered divine. Some stories are immortal, living through song and dance. Other memories happen in a blink of an eye, personal to you, but magnificent in their rarities. For that reason, we asked ourselves: What makes a memory more grandiose than another? What makes a story more worthy of being told? We believe that it is the way the story is being told.

A good Tale starts with YOU. It begins with a state of mind and ends with an experience.

TaleOfYou worships the idea of a good story, presented elegantly with mystery, passion, and glory. Our products are meant to represent different states of mind and personalities in a simple yet artistic manner. The idea is to use high-quality materials such as Leather, Metals and Natural Stones to project complexity, yet portray primitiveness. There is beauty in simplicity, and we believe that a simple symbol can depict a very complex idea or experience. After all, fashion is about telling your story, showing your colors, and speaking loudly without using your words. We hope that our carefully thought out bracelets and pendants can help symbolize the greatest tale of all, the Tale of YOU.

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